Confessions from Public Safety Personnel

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    You know, I had a friend in high school who was in the same biology class as me. If you asked her anything, she could...
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    I’m an EMT student right now and I have always struggled with high test anxiety, I have always had a hard time with...
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    There is also a big difference between sitting and writing a test and actually being out in the field. You get spme EMTs...
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    I know plenty of providers who are fucking brilliant in the field but have a hard time with the written. I am the exact...
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    I’m going to say this as an EMT student right now. I’m proud of you for not having test anxiety, congrats!! A+ for...
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    Obviously not everyone is cut out for this. That’s not the point I was trying to make.
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    I’ll say it again. If a standardized test gives you anxiety, how are you going to react when someone is dying in front...
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    perfect point is perfect.
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    Awful thing to say
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    There’s also the issue that “Standardized testing” implies that there’s a “standard” of people on where they should be...
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